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What, if anything, did you do for/with your mom today ?

Haven't spoken to my mom for like 4 days. If you're talking about Mother's Day, I didn't send her any messages. I was gonna but then didn't. In my country, another day is designated as Mother's Day. But you're right; should've sent her a message anyway.

I told her "ily" before I left for work and she didn't even say it back. It's like she's emotionally repressed or something (she is)

Our Mother’s Day was a few weeks ago. I got my mum some flowers and a super soft snuggly long scarf/wrap - I was jealous. I didn’t see her this weekend, but I spent most of Saturday and Sunday with her the weekend before.

I bought her a blouse very similar to one that she really likes and complimented me on last weekend. I also purchased some cute “ear crawler” pearl and silver earrings that she can wear with the blouse. They are getting ready to move so I was thinking something smaller would be better. I also got her a beautiful keepsake card w Our Lady of Guadalupe on it, to whom she is devoted to. My husband and I went to go hang out with her and my dad for a few hours.

Fun fact, it wasn't mothers day in the UK yesterday. The US date always gives me 5 seconds of panic making me feel like I forgot it only for my brain to engage and realise it was 2 months ago :P

I had a Zoom call with her and my dad since they live far away. And I sent her a gift.

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