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Do you think will ferrell is funny? I’ve never been amused by any of his “comedic” acting. Just annoyed. Is his part over yet ?

I have seen a few of his movies. His team up with Ryan Reynolds was hilarious in "Spirited"

He's OK. I liked some of his SNL skits, but I'm not crazy about his movies or things where he's the center of attention.

Not really. Anchorman is okay, but I haven’t seen much of his stuff. He is very good in that TV series he did about the shrink.

I never thought he was funny and couldn't understand how he was so popular, until I saw Elf, I loved that movie, he was hilarious in it. I also loved Anchorman, one of my favorite movies ever. Since finding out I liked him I've seen a ton of movies with him in it, and I guess I liked them, too. I guess my tastes changed a bit over time. As a person, though, after listening to him on Conan's podcast I think he's horribly insensitive.

I think he's OK in small doses, like some SNL sketches or small parts in movies - as a lead I can't think of anything that I was that into - I was cancelled by my girlfriend's family for not liking/caring and being completely unbothered with Elf a couple years ago at Christmas...once again me winning friends and influencing people

He’s like an annoying, nerdy older brother. Sometimes I find his dance moves/physical parts of his comedy funny, but other than that he’s too loud/ in your face for me. Who is a comedian/performer who you find funny?

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