Dingus asked about 2 months ago

Do you tend to embarrass yourself at large gatherings?


Do you tend to embarrass yourself at large gatherings?

I would rather die than embarrass myself at any social gathering.

No, I like to hold large gatherings to public embarrass others.

I estimate I'm 2/10 as embarrassed as a normal person would be if they acted like me!

Not really. A perk of being shy and reserved in person.

Nope, I just don't go to large gatherings. If I'm dragged there I tend to leave pretty quickly if I don't feel comfortable.

Listen, I’m able to embarrass myself in an empty room. There’s no hope for me with a large gathering of people.

The first time I met my husband’s (then boyfriend) extended family was at his cousin’s wedding. I proceeded to drink and apparently “danced” in the party bus if you know what I mean. My mother in law wasn’t there but she heard about it and has been teasing me ever since. It’s been almost a decade 😭 and I’ll never dance again.

Maybe? Large gatherings tend to be ultra boring so I either leave or commit something nasty, which might be embarrassing.