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Which are the best burgers you've ever eaten?


Which are the best burgers you've ever eaten?

I don't think I like hamburgers, because they've never done it for me. People always say "guess you've never had a good one!!!" and I always say, you know, maybe I haven't, but please stop feeling personally attacked by me saying "I don't like hamburgers." You're not a hamburger, Mary. It's got nothing to do with you.

I don't know about best ever, but I'm partial to Five Guys as far as a good to great burger that's easy to get, I'm sure there's some place where they fly the cows in from the South Pacific and give them deep tissue massages before searing their meat in a duck fat/truffle oil blend and I am sure that burger is fantastic, but whatever

Probably from a place called Tom’s Takeout here in my hometown. I love the little yellow chiles that serve alongside them. I also love the Santa Bárbara Burger from a chain called The Habit… served on sourdough bread with avocado. I usually ask for jalapeños as well. Oh… and there’s the teriyaki burger from Red Robin. It comes with a grilled piece of pineapple. I’m hungry!!! 🤤

The ones I make myself, also Burger King because they have that smoky thing going on that’s like a drug for me

I forget the name of the steakhouse

I had a bacon cheeseburger from Burger King the other night that was possibly the best burger I've ever eaten. Burger King cheeseburgers are always good. My dad sometimes makes tiny burgers for parties, those are pretty good too.

It was some fancy shmancy restaurant. Was so good.

Burger King had a great burger called the Backyard BBQ burger. It was for a brief time. It tasted fresher for some reason It was so good🥲

Chillie-Cheese Burger at The Hoof in England.

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