Merida asked 6 months ago

Hass anyone watched Dahmer?


Hass anyone watched Dahmer?

I read that it re-opened up lots of trauma for the families of the victims, and I'm also tired of true crime bitches who think it's cool to be desensitized to violence against marginalized folks. So i'm not too interested in watching it

I haven't watched it, but I see more than one person in the answers deride the docuseries for trying to humanize Dahmer. I can't believe it's not obvious to everyone that any attempt to humanize anybody is a step in the right direction, not the wrong one.

No. Before I had a baby, I would have for sure. But I don’t want to reflect on what an awful and scary place this world can be anymore.

Only clips, it just makes me depressed and angry, especially the part where a black victim escaped and the cops took the kid back to Dahmer. Meanwhile I walk around with my white girlfriend's daughter and people treat me like I'm a trafficker

The newest Evan Peters one? I just finished it yesterday. It was in poor taste. They basically tried to humanise Dahmer, which is absolutely disgusting for the families of the victims. Also so many (mainly white women) have boasted about it not creeping them out or making them scared or horrified. I don’t understand why people flex that kinda stuff, what he did was barbaric.


Aside from the fact I already know enough about Dahmer, I'm not really a big fan of the latest outcrop of "true crime as entertainment" media as I find it often ends up lionising serial killers and other criminals, even if that wasn't the intention of the creator.

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