Epsi asked 3 months ago · 19 answers

What fun little forums/imageboard/communities outside of fedi/twitter/etc do you visit?

fedi is the only large social media I use, otherwise I only talk in DMs or one small group of friends

I do sometimes hop on a few discord servers, but otherwise I don't really go outside of fedi and related communities

I love playing CYOAs, so any place I can find or talk about them with places is a place I'll love to visit. ;w ;

On Reddit there's r/makeyourchoice and r/nsfwcyoa. I haven't checked /tg/ yet but I know that's where it all started. If anyone knows anywhere else I'd love to hear!

I like the post office: https://afternoon.dynu.com/index.html
Secret Area of VIP Quality: https://secretareaofvipquality.org/saovq/
most of the stuff I do nowadays is on discord though ;w; I guess that's just the nature of the beast (I MISS OLD SCHOOL FORUMS SO MUCH)

there's a lot of toxic/edgy humor on text & imageboards thanks to spillover from 4chan, but it doesn't change the nostalgia I have for the software itself. there are jerks and people using slurs everywhere, I'm not gonna let that turn me off of an entire platform, and I don't post in threads/read stuff with vile things in it.

There's this forum for friends of tosti, and Jul occasionally, and I'm a member of tilde.town and envs.net, two Ubuntu servers that you can log into over ssh after registering, and there's status.cafe which I consider to be a community since sometimes members will email each other to reply to statuses

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