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If you don't mind me asking, which faceclaim did you get the most comfort out of portraying? The bonus is, you share with me fond memories you have while using them!

i could go on and on about this, but you must've known the answer, dede. it's win metawin, the man i truly cherish. he is.. everything that a man should be, i believe. a smart brain, kind-hearted, insanely handsome (a bonus, tho), down to earth, and super charming. his behaviour and way of living has made me to be inspired to be like him as well, and i'm hoping that i can be my own definition of success just like him!

Jeon Heejin, my baby bunny. 🤍 I can’t be separated from her, moreover I have been portraying her since 2018 until now (but I’m not that active on RP since last year ago). When I changed my face claim into another girl, I would end up changing my face claim back to her again, and so on. ㅋㅋㅋ

i think it's still jisoo and jennie.. there isn't any specific reason tbh unless i love blackpink sm but also, i can match with both of their personalities as a person and they have constant update everyday so i can write everything i want to! :3

i have only portrayed 3 persons but i’d say i’m most comfortable being Minju! we share similar personalities so it was not hard at all portraying her. when I portrayed Jaehee i needed to act more energetic, expressive, chaotic and super confident (which i can be at times) but to think of it now, it can be a little tiring to do it everyday! (but it wasn’t, i just grew up!) Minju is my go to muse. i had never portrayed Wony since she was still so baby at that time but i think we’re kinda at similar wavelength now! sadly i don’t rp anymore so i don’t really know how it’d be like being her 🥺

Hyungwon - Monsta X. I got bitttersweet memories from my era being him, that was the time when I met you as well, love. He's like a super funny guy, silly and adorable.

The second is Yerin Baek!

For now, it’s Yoon Seeun. I feel so comfortable using her as my muse in RP. We are not really similar... but every little things about her, make me fallin’ love deeper. She’s such amazing girl, she’s pretty, kind and so charming. My favorite memories when I using her is, when I met new friends there! I cherish every new friends I met there. <3

Mark Lee. There's so many idols I portrayed but Mark Lee was ranked #1 for being the most comfortable muse I ever used.

It's Winter aespa, undoubtedly!! She's the most comfortable one this far. For the fond memories, maybe the time when I was able to join THEARCADERS back then and I had a lot of happy memories with them. 🥺

San! Isn’t it obvious? We were (and still now) Sanshine and Sanashine back then! I may not share the same MBTI or Zodiac with San but somehow we’re linked to each other. Easily said, I behave like him. My personality fits him the most amongst all face-claims I chose to portray. 🥺 Especially when I met you as San back then.. we keep coming back to each other as if the universe said, “Okay.. let’s not separate this sibling..” AAAAAH I love Choi San so much. 🥹

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