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What are the little acts of kindness that others do to you which can bring you happiness?

the way they listen and respect each other. guidance of boundaries and minding our own business is lack around us in my opinion, so that gesture means a lot to me personality

There are so many things actually.. But if I could only choose one of them, it’s when someone I talk to give me the same energy as I do as I feel so much appreciated because of it. Seeing how my friends get excited when I share something with them is really wholesome and heart-warming because I somehow see it as something cute and beautiful.

Saying thank you after we helping for each other, also whey the greet me with their best smiles though we probably ain't close yet.

My happiness is so simple, tho. Pretty words always make me happy, moreover if they can appreciate me. Oh, yeah, you should know that yourself also brings happiness to me! Thanks for being born, my bubby. 🥰❣️

There are definitely a lot, possibly infinite. But one thing that definitely warms my heart at the most random time is how some people would greet me with a smile when we pass by each other, even if we are not necessarily that close. Or when people say hi to simply check up on me or how am I doing at the most random times, even if they initially meant it as a mere conversation starter after not talking for quite a while, but it’s still a heartwarming thing to do and I appreciate it! ♡

Oh… I think kindness can be in a form of talking to you when you are around, so you may say I already appreciate those who talk to me whenever I showed up. It’s making me feel giddy.

When they matching the given energy from me? That wouldn't be counted as little I know it myself but I always appreciate effort no matter how small.

Maybe some people think this is just a bare minimum, but, I’m so happy when I start to talk and the person gives me a whole lot of attention. It makes me jump happily!

It’s a simple thing like checking up on me in daily, or by simply asking how was my day going. Oh, and I love it when people send me a message or text first!

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