Kate Matsuda · 14 answers · 2mo

Would you rather have a sweet or savoury breakfast?

If its an early start I can only really stomach something sweet. But there is no better simple pleasure to me than a sleep in and a nice savoury breakfast.

Savoury. But sometimes I'll have marmalade or Nutella on toast. Or like last Thursday's two breakfasts (yes, TWO breakfasts). I had a bacon roll at some ungodly hour, and then French Toast with bacon and maple syrup at 10:30. I'd been up all night! The most breakfasts I've had in one morning is three - the time zones kept changing and it always seemed to be breakfast time.

I don't know what kind of breakfast would be sweet? People don't eat dessert for breakfast.. Oh, yeah, there is breakfast cereal, most of which are loaded with sugar. I like to eat them sometimes, but I think I prefer savory.

If you are making me only choose one (how cruel!) then savory, things like bacon and omelets and cheesy hash browns are my jam

A mix of both is good for me. Savory and spicy breakfast with a warm sweetened drink.

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