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Why is Linux so difficult?

Probably because you're using a less beginner friendly distro. I'm using Mint, which is good for beginners and experienced users alike.

Not all people are introduced to the open source alternative to the Big Two. Only few Windows users, especially those with old computers that aren't able to update to latest version, are able to install Linux.

Because no one invested billions of cash in user experience for any Linux distro. (Actually Google did, but android is almost useless for desktop systems)

I agree with what dd said, the community can often be unhelpful and toxic. But it can also depend on which Linux distribution you're using, too. Some of them, like Arch and Gentoo, are more bare-bones when you start out, and can be challenging to set up. The reason for this is that some users really like their distro to be customizable, and don't like a lot of "bloat" (programs that are included that they don't really want). I think the fact that they set it up themselves sometimes adds to the elitist factor. I have been using Linux since 2017, and I've gotten used to it over time. It doesn't seem as difficult now.

Community can often make it hard to use. Judging you for just selecting one distribution out of hundreds, most of the time being outright unhelpful, showing signs of elitism.

it isnt in many cases i think.

in those it is it is comparatively difficult to windows,macos and android.

though to compare them in a non technical manner:

imagine windows and macos being the very polished linear game. every step is foreseen by its designers and as long u dont wander off everything is perfect.

linux is the open world mess. quests and things to do everywhere and thousands of people were involved.

linux is much much much easier to use on a higher level. because once u wander off windows and macos are basically dreadful

When I learned it, I didn't find it too hard. Dealing with hardware and driver stuff (including gaming stuff in this) was the only pain-point I have with linux. Otherwise when learning it I saw it as just different than windows.

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