LaDamaX asked 6 months ago

Whats the last thing you received or purchased that was absolutely horrible?


Whats the last thing you received or purchased that was absolutely horrible?

I'm a bit embarrassed to say it but a couple of weeks ago I ordered some eyebrow gel to tame my unruly eyebrows at the edges. They delivered me an empty container though. I didn't return it!

Turkey jerky lmao. would not recommend

My boot split open (I'm still gonna wear 'em) and dad surprised me with some CROCS. Which, apparently, cost $65? That's a lot for a joke. I guess they're objectively absolutely horrible, but I love them. Here they are on a 37 year old doily

Last Saturday I bought a sandwich at a train station, it was purely to soak up the gallons of alcohol I had consumed. It was vile and It did not help.

Size 8 “no show” socks from Amazon. They’re so tiny they make my foot arch inwards. And then they slip off. And super uncomfortable. Do not recommend

Ugh, Amazon fire tablet. Just got it for prime day and it stinks.. I'm returning it😪

I got a DIY made bag. It was made from a military tent cloth and should protect my big telelens of my camera. When I used it recently it turned out to smell in damp conditions. That tent must have covered the outhouse once. An intense smell of rotten tent cloth, tar and faeces explodes from it. While it would have been practical as a bag it contaminated everything with its horrible scent. Absolutely disgusting.

My old phone. Its camera didn't even had adjustable focus.

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