LaDamaX asked 14 days ago · 9 answers

Is “upstaging” a bride at her own wedding by looking put together or attractive really a concern?

I don't think so, though it makes sense for the bride to have the most pampering for the day, to make it more special or something. Since she's the one getting married. But if someone is just more attractive from wearing decent attire, it's not something I'd worry about.

Imo? If you don't want hot people at your wedding, don't invite them. You know what I mean.

The only way to upstage the bride is to wear a wedding dress, or anything of that ilk - white and lace. Other than that, anything goes, as far as I'm concerned.

The urge to go to the extremes to match a certain image especially when you are completely the opposite from that image drives people into the grotesque types of vanity.

You can't upstage the bride by any of that. Just be respectful and don't wear a damn wedding dress.

depends, if a lady is that attractive she can't really help her appearance...but it's kind of rude to be extra with an outfit, brides usually view their wedding day as 'their' day, it should be NBD to take it down a notch until the next day

I couldn't care less about all those weird rules and social judgments regarding wedding ceremonies. The whole thing is weird and petty/superficial to me. And obsessive. As for the norm, as with a lot of such things, it seems it's important to some people and not others.

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