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Do you prefer eating out/take out or a home cooked meal?

I accept your invitation 🫠 all I heard was free food.... 🤤 I'm grateful to be asked and someone just set time aside to share a meal.

Depends on the meal. I don't like eating out much, there's not much freedom, you just gotta sit there, and there's a little bit of anxiety due to being among so many people, having to interact with the waiter, etc. Also some pressure to decide what you want to eat in time--I hate that. I really like some fast food meals, but they're not as healthy as home-cooked. Take out is good, but the only take out we ever do is Chinese, and I wouldn't want Chinese all the time. One of my top favorite meals is delivery--Domino's pizza.

I love to cook but I also know the bliss of dining out where they cook even better than I can do! Or get a pizza brought to my door that has been baked in a wood fire oven that I cannot afford in my flat! :-)

I mean.... home cooked is great when it's not cooked by me. Otherwise I'm currently down to just be lazy asf and order in

If my job pays for my lunch then restaurant is better. But I don't have that luxury so I prefer mom's food.

Home cooked meal is absolute peak, but it’s also the biggest nuisance. If I’m feeling like I need to go out then I’m not against a restaurant

I prefer home cooked, but it's just me and I don't feel like bothering 75% of the time so it's takeout again

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