Mikhail. · 13 answers · 7mo

Are you excited for December? Why is it?

Always. I just feel warms whenever December comes, maybe it's because the Christmas songs itself always screams hot chocoa, holidays, and I don't know, freedom? (Home Alone tease, of course)

Certainly, not excessively, just enough. I'm poised to adopt a new routine as I'm about to move. It's disheartening to bid farewell to those I cherish, yet it serves a greater purpose, doesn't it?

NOT REALLY. Soalnya atasan gw sangat menyebalkan dan gak bolehin orang kantor cuti.

exhausted and just can’t wait for the year to end! i hope and optimism that the new year will treat us better and it’s the month of christmas 🤍 filled with happiness and fresh hopes for a new start, december is extremely special to me and probably to a lot more! :3

Frankly, I'm not ready yet. This month is making me going thru each days with so many obstacles. I can’t wonder myself be excited though are not we all waiting for long weekend?

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