Parisa Moon · 17 answers · 8mo

If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?

I would ask my future self if there’s anything that they wish they had told their past self. I would want to know if they could go back and say anything to their past self, what would it be?

No, not a question but rather a statement of gratitude saying thank you. “Thank you for still standing up with your own feet”

"Dear my old-self, are you happy with your life now? Have you become a person you've always wanted to be? Whatever the answer is, I hope you stay as pure as your younger self. Be kind and humble. Be a doctor you've always dreamed of. Save their lives with your heart and don't take advantages on anyone. Make your parents happy and proud of you."

“how’s life? can you still survive until you become a much better person than before?”

That's an interesting query. If I could ask my future self one question, I might ask, “How was it? It's not as difficult as you imagined, right? You shoud've stop doubting your abilities and have faith in yourself earlier.”

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