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A. · 8mo

Sebuah benda mula-mula bergerak dengan kecepatan 6 ms-1 kemudian dipercepat menjadi 8 ms-1, ternyata jarak yang ditempuh sudah sejauh 42 meter. Lama percepatan benda adalah..

Parisa Moon · 16 answers · 8mo

If you found out you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

I plan to write heartfelt letters addressed to those closest to me, specifically my family, friends, and cherished ones. In these letters, I will express my apologies for any mistakes I’ve made in my life and tell them how much I care about them, even until my last breath. I’ll also let them know that I’ll be watching over them from far away. Sincerely hoping for their happiness in this world, as their joy will bring me solace even in my absence.

Parisa Moon · 8 answers · 8mo

What is one concept you cannot understand, no matter how hard you try?

A concept I have trouble understanding is why people are so quick to judge and make negative assumptions about others without taking the time to get to know them.

Theresia. · 19 answers · 8mo

what makes you guys decide to cut off someone?

Deciding to cut someone off is not something I take lightly, but sometimes it is necessary for my own peace and well-being. There may be a variety of reasons why I make that decision, but ultimately it is about choosing my own well-being and protecting my own boundaries. It’s about being willing to walk away from unhealthy relationships or ones that are no longer good for me. If someone is bringing negativity into my life and is causing more harm than good, it may be beneficial to create some distance and take a step back from that relationship. Eventually, cutting ties is about choosing myself and my own happiness.

Parisa Moon · 17 answers · 9mo

If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?

I would ask my future self if there’s anything that they wish they had told their past self. I would want to know if they could go back and say anything to their past self, what would it be?

North · 1y

Kamu suka warna pink yah

Yes!! You probably noticed it right away after seeing my all pink themed profile. 😂

Lovely Soul · 1y

Just wanna say that I’m not precious as you are. As long as you’re happy, I feel blessed too. Seeing you from the middle of nowhere just hoping you have beautiful night, lil girl.

The fact that you made someone's day feel so wonderful by sending a heartfelt message is more than enough to prove that you're a precious creature too! I wish you nothing but happiness today and in the days to come. But I do wish I could see you up close rather than just from a distance. 🥺

Lovely Soul · 1y

Hi, lil girl. I hope you don’t mind the message I sent. I just wonder why there are adorable cute creatures, like you. Smile a lot, princess. ♡

Hello there, dear anon! Sure thing, I wouldn't mind receiving a heart-warming message from such a precious soul like you. Thank you for being the reason for me to smile today! I hope you're having a lovely weekend, as lovely as you are. <3

Nichelle · 1y

Hi, I found your profile so gorgeous that I can’t help but staring. Have a pleasant day ahead! ♡

Hello there, Irischa! I apologize for the tardy reply. Thank you so much for the sweet compliment, I really love your gorgeous profile as well. Hope you have a good rest tonight and may tomorrow be a lovely day! 🥺💗

310 · 9 answers · 1y

i won’t ask something but for everyone who has been through a lot today, thank you for always sticking around. thank you for being the best of you, good night and take a rest well y’all!

Thank you for the heart-warming reminders, Khaled! Thank you so much for being the kind of person you are. Please have a good rest!

𝓐𝓬𝓱𝓲𝓮🪞🩰 ⊹ ۫ . ୧ · 1y

do you preferred a crowded place or a quiet place?

I prefer quiet place since I don't feel comfortable being surrounded by too many people. 🧍🏻‍♀️ (Introvert behaviour)

Parama Abbe. · 24 answers · 1y

What activities do you do when it rains?

Sleeping! Since the soothing sound of rain can be a remarkably swell lullaby. Atau makan yang berkuah terus anget-anget juga enak banget.

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