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If you found out you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

Be happy and grateful. I will greet everyone I know and thank them. I will eat my favorite meal, doing anything that I haven't do.

melukin kucingku, minta maaf kalau masih nggak becus jagain mereka. udah sih nggak mau ngapa-ngapain lagi

I plan to write heartfelt letters addressed to those closest to me, specifically my family, friends, and cherished ones. In these letters, I will express my apologies for any mistakes I’ve made in my life and tell them how much I care about them, even until my last breath. I’ll also let them know that I’ll be watching over them from far away. Sincerely hoping for their happiness in this world, as their joy will bring me solace even in my absence.

i would meet people whom i love and tell them, if i love them and grateful for everything they have done to me

i wanna spend all my money n buy a lots of food (i'll buy a lots of chocolates, ice cream n coffee because i love it), then go on a nightwalk n listening to my playlist. lastly, i'll take a lots of my photos

I guess, I wouldn't really do anything? I have little to no fight against death, I'd probably just walk about my day as I normally do—but maybe, I'd smile a little wider, a little brighter.

I will told my family how much I love them, then spend all the money I have, and play as much as I want

I’d text my besties every password of my social media accounts so they could delete them for me, send them at least 30 mins VN of me saying how wonderful they are in each days, and I wanted to hug my mother in my sleep.

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