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Happy Valentine's Day! You deserve to be loved everyday but since this is a special occasion I just wanna tell you that you're enough and will always be enough. I love y'all. (platonically) 💗🌷

Maaf terlambat tapi Happy Valentine's Day and Happy March, Icey sobatku. Selalu diinget juga kalau you deserve to be loved and cherished everyday. May you have a great month ahead!

Belated Valentine’s Day!! I hope the same goes to you meskipun km doxxing aku ajg dut 🥺

i love you too riceline semoga semogi valentine tahun depan enggak sendiri mmmmwa

Met hari kasih sayang juga buat Icey kesayanganku yang deserve to be happy and loved by everyone around her. Love you too (platonically). 💐

Happy Valentine's Dayy, Icey! Utututu, gak platonik juga gapapa /jk. Kemaren seneng-seneng gak, Cey? Kalau kurang puas, ayo seneng-seneng yang banyak!

MUAH HAPPY VAL'S DAY ICEY. semoga makanan km enak terus, semoga kalau beli apa-apa gak perlu antri panjang, semoga bantal km sesuai keinginan kamu. love u <3

happy valentine’s day icel :] and the same thing applies to you, i love you walaupun aku lebih love baji-san 💗

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