Wasserpistole asked over 2 years ago · 13 answers

Do you have an instagram? Do you enjoy sharing picture and videos with your instagram-people?

no, and I woudn't.
I don't have a busy life showing off most of the time.

I do but I’m going to delete it bc I rarely use it.

I had a lurker instagram and that was ok, but I've started posting my ART and it's been pretty fun. I've also got double digit followers now #lfg


I have an Instagram, but there are no pictures on it.

Yes I have Instagram. I don’t post too often anymore. Mostly stories every now and then. I only post photos for for memories, never for likes.

I used to have one, it got really annoying to use once they switched from a timeline to a feed. (also, fuck Facebook)

As you know i have one and i like to share my pictures with you and my other followers.

I only put travelling photos on there, I mainly use it as a way to keep in touch with some people and follow musicians and artists I enjoy

Yes. I don't share much ...I'm too lazy to constant post

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