Daniel asked over 2 years ago · 10 answers

How many retrospring users are there that you would kiss?

If it is your custom/tradition to kiss on the cheek when you greet someone, I have no issue as I have family/acquaintances who do the same. However if it’s not your custom, I would not.

I'd definitely kiss Jacqueline, she's so beautiful and has a good personality. There are maybe 1 or 2 others I would kiss too.

I have no issues cheek kissing people as a greeting. So all of y’all I guess

What kind of kiss? We Spaniards cheek kiss people when we meet as a greeting Intead of shaking hands 😇

Maybe two or three of the women here are good-looking. Of course I won't tell the names.

I’d kiss most of them. Some on the hand. Some on the cheek. Some in other places. The rest can kiss my arse

Ummm well it depends on their charm if I met them and if I was as comfortable with them IRL than online (which is unlikely), but assuming a perfect world... I could see being up to kissing.... 4 users... if they were game too :)

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