Daniel asked over 1 year ago

Who is your favourite politician?


Who is your favourite politician?

I don't have any. Lots of our politicians are literally thugs, thieves, and murderers and I'm not even exaggerating. Living in this country made me suspicious of all politicians, even the ones that might be adored by lots of people.

I don't have one. I find some of them funny and charismatic, but I know they're all scum

Oh that one who has really fair and balanced policies on accurate examinations of the people they serve and managed to carry out everything they promised while being transparent and open to being held to account by its constituents ... oh what was their name again....?

There isn't one, the game is rigged and democracy is an illusion, it's all theater and LOL @ people thinking they can vote their way out of this

well certainly not the ones in the majority, I'm not big into politics so I can't point towards one I really like.

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