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What do you dislike about Elon Musk?


What do you dislike about Elon Musk?

I’m not terrible fond of any billionaire, but he especially irks me and not exactly sure why.

I know very little about him but he seems like just another douchey billionaire

It would be a better question to ask me what I like about him.

He might have been a spearhead in some places back in the day, but nowadays he's not as much of an engineer as he is a person that has the money to "make ideas come true".

Matter of fact, most of the cool shit he announces never even see's the light of day. Makes it plainly obvious that those things more than often are deterrents to other issues that are surfacing at the very same time. Very conventiently deployed to make the other drama disappear in the media outrage.

Combine this with his extreme overuse of platforms like Twitter and just being the worst of [...]

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the man himself I don't really care about, what upsets me more is his fanboy army that probably engages in bidding wars for his turds, Elon would burn them alive to keep his stock valuable and they just offer to go buy more gasoline

His labor practices are abhorrent. He has been given more credit than he deserves as a "genius" or even just as a "smart person..." which lent him this reputation he has with his following as someone SO SMART with SUCH INTERESTING THINGS TO SAY, basically A COMIC BOOK HERO like BRUCE WANYE or TONY STARK. That's a reputation he uses to spread idiotic misinformation that a concerning umber of people think must be right because "he's a very smart man, albeit a little eccentric." He has no science degree or qualifications, he has no science background of any kind, he isn't an engineer, he didn't "invent the electric car" and he [...]

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Dislike is a strong word, but I'm not a fan of how he treats employees at Tesla... and frankly I think a lot of his ideas are a dud. Ultimately though I 'dislike' him like I would any other billionaire business man.