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What was the longest time that you have worn a mask? Do you find it very disturbing to wear a mask or does it feel ok?

Maybe for like 2 hours. I needed to go to the post office but there were quite a few people there so I had to wait for a while.
I wear glasses so no. Masks are fucking annoying tbh. Whenever I wear one, it fogs my glasses. Also it makes breathing a bit hard for me.

I went out for a 5K speedwalk yesterday and I had to wear my mask over some of the narrow trails. I don't like wearing them or seeing people where them but the thought of infecting someone makes me feel worse.

A few weeks ago. It's not disturbing exactly, but it's a little annoying and it makes it harder to get enough oxygen.

Does a fursuit head count as mask? If yes, about 2-3 hours. Felt really good, could’ve done longer, although my field of view was really impacted by it.

If not, well, I think about 30 minutes. The face masks they hand out at supermarkets are annoying me a lot — they do not fit me properly. Also breathing through them is kinda weird :v

4h or so if we count continous.

well it's true that you can only read like half of the facial expression of a person with one, so it's a little bit disturbing the other way around. myself I'm glad I have an excuse to wear something that's more comfortable than a brown paper bag.

like 4 hours with small breaks. that's how long it takes to isolate nuclei from liver tissue under RNase-free conditions !

wearing a mask feels fine when I'm doing lab work bc I don't have to talk to anyone. wearing a mask these days and trying to talk is difficult. the mask doesn't stay in place for me

I've fallen asleep while wearing a Buff™ on my face, if that counts. It's pretty solid if I just want to block out the world and also stay warm.

A few hours I guess, I'll pull it down a little bit when I'm outside and not near anyone because it's kinda hard to breathe in them

Without taking it off partially for t least a couple minutes, probably 4 hours. It's uncomfortable. It's itchy, it hurts the back of my ears, it gets too warm, it fks with my glasses, and it's hard for me to breathe. I can't believe I bought it for FUN, whAT an ASS

I never check a watch when I am inside a Rewe Markt, maybe 22 minutes and I hate it. Gives me a mild headache every time, can't see true my glasses very well, breathing is more difficult but what can I do this time? I take it off the second I am out of the Rewe Markt. You see, I need to buy food and I don't want to pay a fine or get attacked my idiots. Thank you Corona, for showing me what a sorry ass species we humans really are. And I don't believe it protects us better from anything. To wash your hands with soap and cold water is legit. To enjoy a lot of Vitamin C also but this mask thing is just false.

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