Vanessa A, Ariadne

She carries a gentle kindness that warms her heart, making her a light to those around her.

Edinburgh, Scotland
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· 24 answers · 3mo

Hey-ho! Mind telling me your top 3 desserts? ^~^ (mine are softcakes, macaroons, and chocolate pudding!) 🫧

K. · 3mo

haaaai, aku izin mampir. ♡

Sh. · 7 answers · 4mo

Would you rather have somebody to hold or somebody to lean to?

Interesting question. I actually need both, i need someone who stable, strong, healthy and mature enough to hold me. And I need emotional support to lean on. Because I'm a person who will hold my partner and could be both between hold & place to lean on. We both have to feel secured enough with ourselves to protect each other.

Sh. · 9 answers · 4mo

Any new songs that stuck in your mind?

It's not a new song but lately I've been stuck on this song;
1. Selimut Hati - Dewa19
2. Cinta Terakhir - Ari Lasso
3. Kasih Tak Sampai - Padi
4. Resah - Payung Teduh
5. Immortal Love Song - MahadewA

Sh. · 7 answers · 4mo

Ada kejadian yang baik ga di 2024 sejauh ini?

Sh. · 13 answers · 4mo

Apa makanan yang you never thought you'll like?

Broccoli, One day I ate cap cay at a Chinese restaurant with my family and I didn't think I would like broccoli? In my mind, broccoli is bitter but it was not(?) I was so confused that I kept eating it to make sure. And it turns out I really like it lol.

Sh. · 8 answers · 4mo

Lagi obsessed sama apa currently?

I currently obsessed with myself, and re-start to spoiled myself plus taking care of myself. I'll make sure that I get good, quality care.

· 38 answers · 7mo

Tell me your zodiac sign without telling me your zodiac sign!

Sh. · 7 answers · 7mo

One song that you'll associate with when you're feeling your lowest?

I would say, Breath by Lee Hi is the song that I'll associate with. My tears kept falling without knowing to stop.

Sh. · 10 answers · 7mo

Would you rather lose someone you love or lose yourself?

J. · 6 answers · 7mo

genuinely asking,
kalo kalian di posisi ini, kalian pilih apa dan kenapa.

kalian balik ke orang yang dulu pernah sama kalian yang dulu sempet belum selesai dan niat buat diselesaikan dengan ngulang lagi


kalian mau coba sama yang baru, sama orang baru, bener bener sama yang baru. yang akhir akhir ini ngisi waktu luang kalian
lluwii ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁 .ᐟ · 3 answers · 7mo

tmi hari ini
aku flu, pusing :( trus tadi keujanan basah banget, tugas banyak ㅠㅠ

Hai, Lulu?
Better setelah kehujanan kamu langsung mandi plus keramas dan pakai baju yang hangat. Minum air lemon madu hangat akan bantu kamu lebih rileks. Intinya hangatin suhu badan kamu dulu ya? Kalau nggak membaik segera minum obat dan buat istirahat tidur. Lekas sembuh Lulu.

Shas · 8 answers · 7mo

hey suggest me your typically morning song to listen dongggg!!!

  1. Green Tea & Honey - Dane Amar ft. Jereena Montemayor.
  2. Officially Missing You - Jayesslee
  3. Love - Wave to Earth
Sh. · 5 answers · 7mo

Quotes that stuck in your mind lately?

And just like the Moon you shall go through all phases, of light-of dark and everything in between. And though you may not always appear with the same brightness, you're always-always whole.

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