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what do you miss most about being a kid?

Minta ttd hbis teraweh, tadarusan rame-rame, mancing ikan sampe sore, balapan sepeda.

Have no worries about future, what's in my mind is only about today and tomorrow. I don't have to think much further.

The feeling of curiosity about anything, the excitement when we have to try something new...

The games and the vibes of being a pure & innocent human being could actually be sufficient answers, however, I know there's more to unwrap about being a kid that I—especially the bottom of my heart—miss the most; to feel the warmth of my mom's embrace again. Fortunately, she had taught me wisdoms as well as provisions in life that eventually shaped me to who I am today; to have courage and be kind, to have goals and chase my dreams, to be independent and have respect—to be a human.

Waking up without thinking and just went straight looking for my mom to get my breakfast.

mMmMm not having plenty to think before act🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️theeeennnn.. be getting unconditional love and a-full-jar-of attention from my grandma, she’s so lovely!!!!! apalagi ya probably thats it.. 🔫🚿⭐️🧍‍♀️

Live in peace and comfort without having to think about anything other than playing with friends, eating, sleeping.

Family holidays.. I miss always having energy, not having aches. Sekarang setiap hari butuh kretek. Apart from that, I also miss doing things without worrying.

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