Bianca Lilyanne

馃馃尫馃尭馃挆 Just a little friendly reminder, being kind costs $0. 馃挆馃尭馃尫馃

I hope you're doing well!
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Anyonyimus 路 1y

Biy Biya kamu wibu kah?

best believe Ichie ketawa paling kenceng baca ini. enggak nder, what happened is just I'm simply a non-weeb kpoper dating a whole WIBU and that's how I ended up becoming (dikira) wibu. almost all the times now. tapi gapapa lucu I'm not complaining 馃槶

naga 16 answers 1y

snack favorit kalian apa guys

SEMUA YANG KEJU KEJUUU ME LIKEY. hard to choose one tapi my all-time go-to would be.. Potato Chips. (lah)

Beau Saga 9 answers 1y

A note to yourself?

JANGAN JADI ORANG GAENAKAN. stop assuming things and jump into conclusions before you make sure of it first.

Mira 7 answers 1y

If your bed asks you, "What is upsetting you so much these days?" How would you react or what would you answer it?

Gia 16 answers 1y

How's your March so far?

IT WAS UNEXPECTEDLY BEYOND WONDERFUL Gia thanks for asking.. Maret A nya Amazing, dare I say. semoga sampai akhir bulan gini terus and hopefully even better! I hope yours is also a well-spent one 馃ズ鉂わ笍

Icey 33 answers 1y

Guys gimana ya kalo cwk km malah nyuruh km cerai sama suami km kirain mau sama km eh taunya lagi gebet suami km anjim sakit hati bgt

Mira 7 answers 1y

If valentine is not about chocolate and flowers, what do you want to give your loved ones as a valentine gift?

Ichie dikasih apa aja apalagi yang related to pergenshinan duniawi kayaknya excited dia. kalau loved onesnya selain pacar alias temen-temen dan keluarga yang aku sayangi juga yaa, mau beliin savory foods! atau barang apa gitu yang walaupun sederhana tapi mereka emang butuh dan bisa useful. 馃

8 answers 1y

This is so random but what鈥檚 your favorite brand of ballpoint or gel pen?

Kairo. 3 answers 1y

Apa 3 kata pertama yang muncul kalo liat Richie/Ai itu.

Mira 6 answers 1y

What's your go-to food when it's raining?

sora 13 answers 1y

saran game selain gemsin invak

Plato, terus game game yang suka lewat di iklan tuh nggak semua jelek atau cuma strategi marketing doang ternyata. ada yang beneran seru, coba pilih pilih lagi aja liat di playstore (jawaban tidak membantu)

sora 12 answers 1y

wdyt abt rin yumselette yang imut itu

IVY 25 answers 1y

One word to describe love

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