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Guys, mau tau lirik lagu yang akhir-akhir ini berkesan banget sampe kengiang mulu di kalian dong, entah karena relate atau karena cantik aja.

"as long as i got you... i'm gonna be alright. as long as i got you, yeah.. i'm not afraid to die, i'm alright" pretty boy by the neighborhood. guess what? i got levitating everytime this song started playing on suffle. and (too much information) the funny thing is that every time i listen to this song, my crush always appears on my mind.. i love him sm 🥺

"happiness is a butteffly," was a line from Lana Del Rey. from this one, i interpret deeply about that specific one line.

"You have seen hell and made it back again. How to forget? We can't forget. The lives that were lost along the way" One Ok ROck - Be the Light

"I can't find a thing I don't like about you" And I'm like, "don't worry, you will" "I don't wanna find a reason to doubt you" And I'm like, "don't worry, you will"

Amin Paling Serius. Cantik banget liriknya dari awal dengerin sampe sekarang juga.

heaven forbid someone whisper “he's part of some scheme” your enemy whispers so you have to scream. i know about whispers, i see how you look at my sister.

termgiamg-ngiang banget...

“I fell in love with Alexandra, even though I barely met her, even though we’d break our hearts, before we’d even start” Awalnya kalau dengerin lagu ini sekedar “ooooh” doang, tapi sekarang ngerti maksudnya gimana, or I could say I relate to the song 😂🔫

Dari 'Nyala'-nya Sal Priadi: "Aku ingin jadi jantungmu dan berhenti semauku, agar kau tahu rasanya hampir mati ditikam patah hati." Soalnya RAW BANGET ANJIR GW DEMEN

If I could break my DNA to pieces, get rid of all my demons. If I could cleanse my soul then I could fill the world with all my problems. But, shit, that wouldn't solve them. So, I'm left here alone.

He’s so pretty when he goes down on me. Gold skin, eager baby, blue shirt at the laundry. He tells me he’s gentle when he wants to be, so I think he wants to be gentle with me. 😂🔫

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