A. Phoebe
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be nice, everyone <3


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bels · 2mo

gumoning yoyaaaa<3

beyyaaa!!! im so sorrrry for my supeeer duper late reply T______T duh i will be forever grateful for your presence in my life, so please have a pleasant dayyyy yaaa everydaaaay, i love youuu 🫂♥️

Sheon · 19 answers · 2mo

Guys, share lagu yang currently lagi kalian denger dongs

Sheon · 4mo

Hi there! I apologize for the sudden follow. I got your retrospring account from a menfess. Would you mind shoot me a follow back? Thanks in advance!

HI sheon!! i'm so sorry for my late reply T___T ANYWAY yes, sudah aku follow yaa :D

Kalen. · 10 answers · 10mo

Saran kegiatan biar gak sedih abis putus plis

𝑬, Madelaine. · 11mo

Hello! Your profile is so pretty, let me shoot you a follow ya. By the way, mind to share your life update?

hello there! thank you sooo much, punyamu juga cantik sekali!! sudah aku follow yaa anyway so far lagiii overwhelmed and a lot of things happened but that's a life :DD sooo how about you?

who's there · 11mo

stop caper

cleyá · 11mo

evening phoebe! aku sender ssfenum yang tadi mau tukeran retro, mind shoot me a follow?

Isaiah. · 12mo

Happy sunday, any plans for today?

HI happy sunday! i don't think i have any plans for today tapi aku mau diem aja gak ngapa ngapain for sureeeee :D how about you? mau ngapain aja hari ini?

who's there · 1y

hello! here I wanna say thank you so much for surviving until today. congrats dear! u've been passed half of year. welcome to july! hope u always surrounded by grace, kindness, health and happiness. I'm rlly proud of u! keep it up, angelic souls ♡


this is sooo sweet T_T i can't T_T HUHUHU terima kasih buat kata kata baiknya yaa may all the kind words come back tou you huhu jangan bosen jadi orang baik ya!! semoga harimu selalu menyenangkaan TERIMA KASIH BANYAAAK SENDER 🌷💌🥇💭🐈✍🏻🎟

sha 🩰 · 1y

hii namira! do you mind to follow me back? btw may i know ur favorite song lately?

hi sha!! i'm so sorry for late respond but yes sudah aku follow ya ^_^ anyway aku lagi sering denger Laufey!!! how's yours sha?

Julian. · 6 answers · 1y

kalian ngerasa cepet banget gak sih? gak kerasa tiba-tiba udah setengah tahun 2023 aja.

Elaine Wynona · 12 answers · 1y

You are going to eat (your last food you ate) together with (the last idol's picture you saved). What's the result? Pls tell me!

Mine : i am going to eat mie ayam together with sunwoo

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