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Top 3 songs that make you feel like you are the main character of a movie

Instead of feeling like a main character, i’ll answer the ones that makes me feel like it’s a movie scene.

  1. Dane Amar, Jereena Montemayor - Green Tea & Honey (feels like i’m in an opening scene of a movie where they shot a cafe in a cold autumn)
  2. Sam Wills, Honey Mooncie - Traingazing (Reminds me to some scenes where the characters are falling for each other at a first sight in a train, so romantic)
  3. Bruno Major - Regent’s Park (It’s like a movie where you’re alone, the specified scene would be the MC sitting alone on a crowded park on a summer. Trying to figure out things by herself. A movie about loneliness perhaps?)

To Love by Suki Waterhouse, What Kinda Woman by Dominic Fike, Everything Reminds Me Of Her by Elliott Smith

I See The Light - Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi. When Will My Life Begin? - Mandy Moore. For The First Time in Forever - Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel 🙂👸🙃

  1. o.o by nmixx
  2. queen of hearts by twice
  3. feel so right by isyana sarasvati, afgan, rendy pandugo

Naomi scott - Speechless
Kahitna - Cantik
D'bagindas - Suka Sama Kamu, sorry sctv banget

putri iklan zoom shoot while AKU BERGETAR DISENTUH DIA playing on the background

vigilante shit by taylor swift, ready for it? by taylor swift, and vampire by olivia (idk why)

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