evelyne mareesa

her presence is just like dewdrops, so calming yet fresh 馃崁 + .*馃

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Jase Ballenger 8 answers 2d

Which idol do you recommend me to roleplay other than Jeno Lee?

leticia 鈼√ 鈶 9 answers 7d

menurut km, idol yang vibesnya kayak ningning siapa?

M. 5 answers 8d

Top 3 things you wish you could do in April?

Jase Ballenger 7 answers 1mo

Which ex would you ask to come with you if you are invited to join EXchange?

well, mantan waktu sd? dialah cinta monyetku itu and i think it鈥檚 possible knowing we鈥檙e still in good terms even until now

Jase Ballenger 10 answers 2mo

Apa hal yang selama ini hal yang kalian merasa gak terlalu berharga tapi semakin berjalannya waktu kalian merasa kalau hal tersebut berharga?

sehat. bukan gak terlalu berharga sih, lebih ke waktu masih kecil percaya gak bakalan sesering itu sakit nantinya (padahal bolak balik rs berasa udah kayak rumah kedua). makin ke sini justru nyadar ternyata sehat itu mahal ya? terlebih orang di sekitarku berkali-kali harus rawat inap atau masuk igd jadi aku ngerasa itu salah satu hal yang tidak ternilai harganya 馃ス

naomi. 20 answers 3mo

thoughts about nyomi? please feed my ego. 馃ズ鈾ワ笍

a bubbly one. i found it exciting to see your presence whenever i open my account and i like the way you interact with your friends. you鈥檙e kind and the one type of friend everyone would love to have at least once in lifetime! and although we don鈥檛 talk often because i tend to detach at times, you鈥檙e still there with open arms. love yew 馃挓

Jase Ballenger 12 answers 3mo

Tell me your opinion about Jase!

one funny guy for sure. also friendly and warm, no wonder people queued up to be your friend. i think you鈥檙e also a great advicer (despite the fact we haven鈥檛 talked that much recently due to my detaching behavior). terus apalagi, ya? you鈥檙e somehow so jeno coded because i see so many resemblances between you both

Jase Ballenger 9 answers 3mo

Top 3 songs that make you feel like you are the main character of a movie

  1. o.o by nmixx
  2. queen of hearts by twice
  3. feel so right by isyana sarasvati, afgan, rendy pandugo
Jase Ballenger 11 answers 3mo

Tell me 3 songs that make you feel like you are in love.

  • something in the water by boys world
  • somebody! by loco, hwasa
  • kid in love by shawn mendes
leticia 鈼√ 鈶 9 answers 3mo

hey, how was today? happy gak?

happie yappie! dari siang hujannya aweeet banget jadi it was one quiet sunday and love it so much. living in the moment to the fullest pokoknya 馃グ thank you for asking ya cayang. km gimana harinya??

leticia 鈼√ 鈶 10 answers 3mo

dear leticia鈥

halo anak lucuw 馃ぇ kita baru ngobrol lagi belum lama ini karena kamu habis whoosh menghilang (aku juga sih..) but i鈥檓 glad you approached me here that day so we can be here now, conversing to each other again and again 馃ズ i hope you鈥檒l always be surrounded with good things and positivity only, sayya cyg. you deserve it as much as you light up your surrounding. your existence itself is already endearing to me, please note that in mind. wishing you happier days ahead ya, dd. if anything you may share it with me!!

Kevander 9 answers 3mo

So, what's your resolution in 2024?

won鈥檛 get bored saying this but thriving and vibing even more, compared to last year. 2023 was like a roller-coaster ride for me so i hope i can feel at ease in 2024. how about you then??

leticia 鈼√ 鈶 8 answers 3mo


happy n眉 year, sayya!!! may our hearts are kept content as always and i hope you鈥檒l always be surrounded by positive things only 馃尰馃

Rex. 8 answers 4mo

One thing you really want to happen in this month is ...

not really one but specifically, i wish i could be able to be thriving and vibing. thriving even faster than these past few months, vibing to things i enjoy also people on my surrounding much more than before

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