dd🌺 · 16 answers · 5mo

Do you have a portfolio of your projects or similar? (I just updated mine!)

nah I haven't done anything worth a portfolio
maybe someday I should flesh out my website though đź«Ł

I'm working on actually making one but I don't really do many public projects so like 🤷

It's scattered around a lot of places. There's a bunch of stuff on tilde.town but I haven't updated that in a while, including a list of ideas that I probably won't use. There's my Tildegit account with all my repos, my wiki also includes a bunch of stuff, and my french blog hasn't been updated in a few months either but includes a mix of fast food reviews and long technical details about some projects.

Not really, closest thing I have to that is my github account. (And most of my repositories there are crappy and/or unfinished.)

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