kEFFYYY ✩ · 9 answers · 7mo

how was december so faaarr

mmmmmm…..nothing much to say but i enjoyed this ride heheheh lengkap soalnya semua ada tapi untungnya lebih banyak happynya!! yeyay ^___^ 😎🥳🥰⭐️

I haven't find the excitement, yet! ☹️ EH, I THINK THERE'S ONEEE THAT EXCITED ME. When my friends and I went to the expo together! Also on that day, the first time I had long conversation with a new friend of mine from Papua New Guinea!! Soo much fun!

My December has been quite exhausting as we're nearing the final exam season 😭😭. Dealing with numerous pre-final exam projects adds to the stressT____T

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