saturn asked 13 days ago · 11 answers

What’s the last thing that made you cringe?

Someone was telling me about the new horse box/trailer thing they bought - to my total disinterest. They said it was a 'Joe Bloggs & Sons' horse box. I said something like, "Oh." They then said, "Joe Bloggs & Sons horse boxes are status symbols!" Seriously! It's a wonder you didn't feel me cringing from your country.

I was watching You're Next and it's a horror/thriller movie where ppl die so of course like 95% of their actions make my toes curl back in secondhand embarrassment

Some of the stuff girls have said on dates - like flat earth and Harry Potter is the work of the devil type stuff, it is BLEAK out there ya'll, I can see the appeal of arranged marriages 🤪

A right wing activist currently in jail won more votes in a local election than before as the election had to be redone due to formal errors. Hard.

There’s a certain genre of TikTok’s/Instagram reels/YouTube shorts that’s been trendy over the last few months where it’s stuff like “forgetting to say I love you to my girlfriend 😍😍😍😍” and then it’s all just rehearsed cute and sappy stuff. I hate it, and I also can’t imagine that it makes single people feel good about themselves seeing other people “happy”

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