Jen · 21 answers · 1y

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Always remember that you deserve to be loved. Have a lovely day ahead! 💐💗💝

Jen… Jenjen… INI TELAT BANGET RESPONNYA (MAAF 33 KALI). Terima kasih banyak, ya. Meskipun udah bukan Valentine’s Day lagi (bahkan udah bukan bulan Februari lagi), I hope you remember that you deserve to be loved, too. Always. I hope your day has been amazing so far!

This might be super late but thank you, Jen. Thatʼs so sweet of you adik, please always be happy!

Happy Valentine's Day dan Happy March, kakakku! Semoga senang-senang selalu di bulan yang baru ini ;)

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Jen! I apologize for the tardy response. May you always be surrounded by love from your environment. Amen.

Selamat hari kasih sayang juga buat Jenayang yang Nine sayang. Semoga bahagia terus ya! 🍫

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