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how long it takes for you to get over a heartbreak and what did you do to get over it? ❤️‍🩹

Depends on what happened and what they did to me, if it's horrible it will takes me one year, if it's not it will takes me few days. I just let myself cry to get over it.

Depends on the cause of the heartbreak. I think I'm someone who got healed over something pretty fast, so I don't really remember how long it took to get over a heartbreak. And actually I did nothing. I just let it be there until I felt nothing.

it all depends on the person, if he's really the person who made me happy before, it might take me a long time to forget all the memories we've been through. mhm, move on.. what else?

based on my last break up, it took me almost 3 years to moved on. i'll try to do anything that makes me happy, such as buy my comfort food, reading books, watching a lot of movies, and playing instruments. basically, i just keep myself busy. and most importantly, i'll accept everything, especially the fact that we've broken up. i won't deny it.

depends on what happened, usually it takes 3 months and i try to distract myself with my favorite horror movies, horror stories, watching criminal cases.

Idk man, I just enjoy the pain. Gaada gunanya juga wanna get rid of it, nanti malah meledak kemudian hari...

It usually took months for me... I'd just take my time and learn how to let go everything slowly without hurting myself even more

Actually, it depends, but usually I will take 2-3 months to completely heal and get over it. I will try to keep myself busy by doing lots of things, thinking about happy thoughts, forcing myself not to get stuck in one place.

I think it takes at least 2 months for me to get over it...I just let myself not to be denial about it and accept the fact that im going thru a heartbreak ❤️‍🩹

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