i meow when i happy, meow!

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Kael. asked 7 months ago · 14 answers

tell me how you deal with sadness.

Feeling like I might just cry it all out until there's nothing left, then dive into a deep sleep for the rest of the day.

🎬 asked 6 months ago · 12 answers

good morning, moonpies! 🍰 this has been summersalt—who's known well as kio / asa, finally deciding to invite some of you to exchange following on twitter ( x )! help this lonely boy fill his dusty timeline, please T___T it would be lovely if you can drop your username here so i can popped into your mention tab right away ⭐ any takers?

SJASJASJA i'm so deeply apologize for my late response. feel free to hit that follow button on my X account, okay? i'm always available on x.com/sujmeong. (if you're alright with me as writer of roleplayer accounts, that is)

Alby. asked 4 months ago · 13 answers

What do you guys do to make the time go faster when you really feel depressed?

Alby. asked 4 months ago · 12 answers

Any recomend for netflix movie to watch?

mmm, I haven't really binged much on Netflix, so I'm not sure what to recommend. Have you checked out the anime 'Frieren' or 'Campfire Cooking in Another World'?

adorable meows asked 3 months ago

name the cutest kitten names :

honestly i thought oreo and milo are cute names, tapi kittenku yang dikasih nama itu selalu gak berumur panjang so it's a bit traumatizing. T___T coba namain salju or chocolatos!!

summer. asked 3 months ago

Thought on Summer Daisy!

BUBUUUNN is so very kind and nice person, baik hati dan ramah dan hangat dan LUCU DHSDBHJS dan keren, pokoknya love you muah (jangan bilang pacarmu).

adorable meows asked 3 months ago

kalau kamu bisa pindah kemanapun, kamu mau pindah kemana?

adorable meows asked 3 months ago

do you believe in alternative universe?

nope, i don't really buy into the whole alternate universe thing. but, weirdly enough, I'm kinda sold on the idea that parallel universes are a real deal.

adorable meows asked 3 months ago

name your favorite food and rate it, please!

aurine asked 8 months ago · 8 answers

hey lg apa

Icey asked 8 months ago · 14 answers

Selamat hari Senin, teman-teman Icey yang imuw dan baik. Semoga di hari ini dan kedepannya kalian cuma akan diberkahi dan dikelilingi oleh kebahagiaan yang melimpah ya. :3 Semoga semua urusannya lancar! Semangaaat! \o/

aamiin, makasih banyak icey, walaupun udah hari selasa semoga hari harinya tetep baik dan banyak kebahagiaan! 🩵

Icey asked 9 months ago · 23 answers


aurine asked 9 months ago · 10 answers

gimana minggu pertama di bulan juninya semua? apakah sudah ada achievement baru selain achievement elemental di genshin

AOWKAOWBS gak ada achievement selain achievement elemental genshin. 😖☝🏻

Valentino. asked 10 months ago · 7 answers

tell me about your favorite food, song, drinks etc! go!

i love chicken and noodle (terpisah atau jadi satu), i love coffee (tapi gak suka kopi hitam 👎🏻), and i love lagu galau. 🎻

evan asked 10 months ago · 16 answers

Boleh saran hadiah ulang tahun buat ibu gak moots, kalau bisa barang yang fungsional ... atau boleh spill tidak kalian dulu udah pernah ngasih apa aja/kepikiran mau memberi sesuatu? Terima kasih moots

mmm aku waktu itu kasih tas tangan! terus dipake sama ibu buat kalau ke acara kondangan atau kalau lagi jalan jalan. ;3

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