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It's All Saints Day. I can't think of any questions that I care about that are also about saints. So for fun (fisfuls of it), send us your reckons: How and why do you think you would be martyred?

A similar way to the DJ in Hellraiser 3, for saying I liked Metallica's Load and Re-Load albums.

Probably opening a can of spaghetti. A couple of nights ago I wanted to try canned spaghetti for the first time. When I opened the can, I cut two of my fingers deeply. One of them was cut so deeply that I needed several stitches for stopping blood from gushing. I'll never try canned spaghetti ever again!

They did burn women as witches for less than having their own opinion. And I do not only have opinions.

Assassinating some horribly bad president or rich person or something and consequently getting the death penalty.

For burning myself to warm others but then haunting them for the rest of their lives

Drowning because yes I see the water rising, I'm middle of something, OK alright just go I'm right behind you jeez...anyway I'm not sure what that makes me the patron saint of

Car accident after police chase because of tax evasion (let's say I'm very good and well known at tax evasion)

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