Puniko asked 8 months ago

Favorite Song?


Favorite Song?

My favorite changes often, but one of my current favorites is "Chase the Tear" by Portishead.

Many different ones in various genres.
For example Blue Monday by New Order.

Hard to say... I actually got a whole list of my current favourite songs...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - LOST WORLD by 東方事変

Marta tiene un marcapasos - Hombres G
It's a song in spanish

i don't have a favourite song, but lately i've been listening to Tick, Tick, Boom...! soundtrack a lot so i'll go with 30/90, Come To Your Senses and Green Green Dress (bonus) - those are, in fact, 3 songs

hard to say. i like a lot of music and different music fits different vibes... check grillchenMusic

It might be decessus, means to an end, windcheater, or rearview, all made by wishlane.

Supersonic by Noisia, Skrillex, Josh Pan and Dylan Brady.

Some of the stuff Flume makes is a pretty good contender though

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