Shiloh. · 12 answers · 5mo

How do you get over a broken heart?

I'll get through this heartbreak by focusing on self-love and personal growth. I'll invest time in my passions, reconnect with friends, and be patient with myself. Healing is a journey, and I'm determined to emerge from it stronger and wiser.

I will let all kind of emotions bath me. Not for too long, until my brain capable to understand what just happened.. terus jadi BPH proker.

i usually ignore it at first. but as time passes by, my sadness starts built up i find a distraction by sleeping or watching movies, i often listening to music that would accompany my sadness. also reassuring myself by saying that everything will be alright, and eventually i get over it. i guess it’s all about accepting the pain and letting yourself grieve properly and peacefully.

Meeting new people, you don't have to date anyone immediately no of course not. But having new friends and new routine will help you a lot.

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