thalia · 8 answers · 7mo

Hii mm mind to share some of your favorite recent reads? c:

Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto is a great read. My least favorite would probably be Emily Henry’s Happy Place, solely because I couldn’t stand a couple of 8 YEARS not communicating properly. We’re all helpless.

since i started my college.. i had no time to read anything except my college book 🥹 i wish i could start to read again... because this college thingy started to stressed me out 😭

I haven’t read anything lately!! Tp terakhir di Babel gak selesai-selesai 😭

Yukio Mishima’s The Sound of Waves just for the part where ocean and its nearby lives being described :3

HI THALS :3 what a shame i only read a book in past 2 months 🤒 it was gincu sang mumi! it’s a classic japanese literature written by toshiko tamura. i didn’t quite like it but it’s fresh to read a j-lit from a woman author <3 (made me realize i only read about japanese male authors so far...)

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