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Daniel asked about 2 hours ago · 4 Answers
What are the relationships with your co-workers like?

Its alright, I consider some of them friends.

Wasserpistole asked 1 day ago · 6 Answers
From all your family members, who do you like best/love most? (All of your children can be considered as one here)

It would be my mum, no offence to others. But she's genuinely good as gold.

AMD Risen 🙏 asked 1 day ago · 8 Answers
Do you regularly post statuses on WhatsApp?

Nope - I think its still 'I have no idea how to use this app'... even though I do now... what a fucking mad lad I am.

Daniel asked 1 day ago · 9 Answers
How much did you pay for your couch? Do you like your couch?
nick asked 1 day ago · 6 Answers
If you have the choice, do you prefer home office or on-site for the majority of your work time?

I prefer a blend. Pretty happy with my 2/3 day (office/home) arrangement - though its often exceeded as I go on sites and need to be around a bit more than other employees.

Daniel asked 1 day ago · 12 Answers
Are you afraid of dying?

Not exactly. I'm afraid of dying in a way where my loved ones don't know. Or dying from something stupid. Or dying in a way where people see me suffer for a long time and only remember me as frail... but dying in general? nah.

AMD Risen 🙏 asked 3 days ago · 8 Answers
How good is your house, compared to the rest of the neighborhood?

Right now its probably one of the shittest - given I'm recovering from a mains line pipe bursting. But maybe after it I'll be the 2nd best (my neighbour has a structurally nicer house (i.e. more windows and they've thrown more money into it - tbh I prefer


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MERIDA asked 2 days ago · 10 Answers
Does self confidence (in others) scare?

Self-confidence is sexy tbh. If people are terrified of other peoples successes - they need to take a chill pill.

Daniel asked 2 days ago · 13 Answers
How many calories do you think you could eat in one day without big problems?

Maybe like 9000 calories as a proper 'cheat day'... id likely feel grim for a few days following though.

Wasserpistole asked 2 days ago · 5 Answers
What is your opinion about spoilers in movies etc. Don't you care or do you try to avoid them?

The biggest spoiler for me comes in the casting and marketing anyway. With the exception of Sean Bean all hollywood stars are going to be in the majority of the film and have a lot of plot armour.

MERIDA asked 2 days ago · 9 Answers
Have you seen the Squid Game?

Girrrrrrrrll yes.

Dingus asked 2 days ago · 9 Answers
What's your best bit of advice for your fellow Retrospringers?

Ask questions, give answers and be kind to the admins.

MERIDA asked 3 days ago · 8 Answers
What have you been caught up in lately?

Spent most of the week in London for work, its been a looong week so I'm treating myself to a quiet

MERIDA asked 3 days ago · 9 Answers
How easy is to get you drunk?

Its pretty tricky tbh. I have to want to, which means having fun for several hours, being comfortable that I'll be able to get home that night too and being comfortable with the people I'm around.

Shannon asked 4 days ago · 12 Answers
Have you ever joined a MLM?

Technically, it was a job that advertised itself as a sales and marketing assistant... but it was a multi-level marketing company trying to get people to sign up to 'charity'. I quit in about 20 minutes as my boss was explaining the business to me... made


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