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Ask something!

LaDamaX asked 19 days ago · 13 Answers

Pressing question that needs your immediate attention. Please give it careful consideration. If you had been a member of the musical group The Spice Girls in the 90s what would you have picked as your alter ego name?

LaDamaX asked about 1 month ago · 14 Answers

How many days, weeks, months do you think retrospring has left?

LaDamaX asked about 2 months ago · 11 Answers

Have you ever taken an online friendship to real life and off screen? If so, did you continue to enjoy the person’s company as much as you did online, or did the relationship change?

LaDamaX asked 2 months ago · 12 Answers

What are you really tired of lately?

LaDamaX asked 2 months ago · 13 Answers

When (if at all) do you give a complete stranger the benefit of the doubt?

LaDamaX asked 2 months ago · 9 Answers

Not having traveled enough or been more carefree when I was younger.

LaDamaX asked 3 months ago · 7 Answers

Thoughts? 🧪 🦠 😷 💉

LaDamaX asked 4 months ago · 9 Answers

¿Cómo están? Missed all you young ‘uns. :)

LaDamaX asked 5 months ago · 14 Answers

‘Ello my friends... How are we all holding up on this lovely (and quite rainy for me) COVID-19 Monday?

LaDamaX asked 8 months ago · 13 Answers

How do *YOU* know when you’ve had a good day?

LaDamaX asked 9 months ago · 15 Answers

If I were to come over to your house to steal what’s on top of your refrigerator, what am I getting?

LaDamaX asked 9 months ago · 8 Answers

Thoughts/opinions on Instagram’s trial of hiding public “likes” on US accounts?

LaDamaX asked 9 months ago · 14 Answers

How would things be different or change for you if your butt was split horizontally instead of vertically?

LaDamaX asked 9 months ago · 11 Answers

My decision to shave or let my underarm hair grow has nothing to do with me wanting to appear sexy to anyone.

LaDamaX asked 9 months ago · 13 Answers

I need to go put gas in the car and make a quick trip to the grocery store. I’m tempted to wait until the morning before going to work. That said, what’s the BIGGEST lie you tell yourself on a regular basis?