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What are things that you usally buy when you go to the grocery store?


What are things that you usally buy when you go to the grocery store?

80 ounces of liquid soap to quench my thirst

Canned tuna, canned beans, canned lentils, eggs, cream cheese, dates etc.

Answered by Arman

Fruits, veggies, meats, bread, cheese, tortillas, beans, pasta, milk- cow/almond/soy, coffee, creamer, snacks.

Bread, milk, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, tomatoes, grapes, red onions, potatoes, bacon, Nutella.

I always buy chicken because that's usually what I cook with. Here's my grocery list https://i.imgur.com/xZNIoCU.jpg

I suppose my 'usuals' are potatoes, eggs, garlic, onion, tomatoes, chili peppers, tangerines, bacon, chicken thighs, broccoli cheddar soup

Some of my go-to items have been: Starbucks Doubleshots, various sodas like Vanilla Coke and Cherry Dr Pepper, more recently flavored sparkling water like La Croix or Bubly, Boar's Head dill pickle spears, Vlasic Zesty Dill pickle stackers, Pepperoni Pizza


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Most of the stuff I need comes in the shopping delivery that my mum orders, but I do go to the local convenience store to get beer and energy drinks (Monster Ultra like a true 30-year-old boomer. But seriously, I'm effin sick of feeling drowsy to the point


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I don't do the grocery shopping, but I'm always looking at the hygiene products haha

Usually coffee or bread

Wrong meat.

whatever i need

Typically herbs, tomatos and cauliflower.