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How many calories do you think you could eat in one day without big problems?


How many calories do you think you could eat in one day without big problems?

1200 calories for me personally without getting fat. I'm not as active as I could be.

I have no idea. I've never counted by calories in my life, and I've never had a really excessive amount of calories that I can remember. Also I lack medical knowledge to know what the likely medical effects of having an extreme amount of calories would be.

I don't count calories but I'm really trying not to eat too much shit because I don't want my efforts into being healthy become a total waste

Honestly? I am a bottomless pit. Because of this, My weight can yo-yo like crazy. True story- I gained 40 lbs in 1.5 months a few years back by consuming excessive amounts of daily calories. Another true story- I lost a lot of weight during the pandemic .. and started to feel comfortable. Before I knew it, I had gained back 15 lbs in 3 weeks … have been trying to lose those for the past few months. I have 8 more to go 😭

On a single day I probably did take in about 7000 kJ when I was very active and did work physically. When I was climbing mountains I estimated I did eat about 10.000 kJ on a day. When I would do that on normal days on a regular basis I would die after a few months probably.

I once calculated my energy consumption when diving doing two dives of an hour duration per day. It is about the same as if jogging for 2 hours. That's about 5000 kJ extra per day. A woman of my age and weight might usually need 2500 kJ basic energy supply per day. So diving is a fat burner. As my energy supply must increase almost threefold while diving. So


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When I played football it was easily 5 or 6,000 , I barely count anymore but I think I probably could still do that now, if not more

I don't think I have a problem eating 3x the amount of normal food but I'll feel sick afterwards. anything fortified, supplemental or unusual will whack my body I imagine.

Maybe like 9000 calories as a proper 'cheat day'... id likely feel grim for a few days following though.

Idk, I've stopped counting calories and instead look at nutritional values. 😞not going to lie, 😥I miss certain "junk foods"

Willy: Dein Essen wird reduziert auf 1200 Kalorien am Tag. Alf: Null Problemo. Nur mal aus reiner Neugier. Wie viele Kalorien sind in einem Doppelten Cheeseburger, einer Cola und einem Schoko Shake, so 11,12? Willy: Ich schätze so circa. 2100. Alf: Da sitz ich schön in der Tinte. Die Diät beginnt Morgen. (I am Alf you see.)

Loads am always hungry due to contraception I'm never full and am also fat.

5,000,000 since I'm not afraid of getting fat