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Do you use tinder or any dating apps in general? If so what's been your experience on them?

Most girls are creeped out by a guy who wants to smell their feet. Who knew?

I was on OKCupid for a couple months. It was right after I came out as trans. At the time they just allowed people to state they were straight, bi, or gay and there were not a lot of trans people on it at the time. So, I said I was bi. I had no idea how to


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No, I don't date.




I use some free dating websites. My experience is that over 90% of the profiles are scammers.


nah their all pointless


No, but my credit card number was once used by someone in India to join Match.com 🙄


Nah, a few years back I was on OKCupid, it was an OK experience and one girl even achieved girlfriend status...when we broke up I went back on there for a while but the experience went downhill a little - I was matching 98% with people who wouldn't talk t


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Yea I have plenty in the past. For the most part, most people I talk to on there are duds, as in: most people don't respond, and the ones that do, you may end up talking for a few days but then one of you stops talking forever. I've met a bunch of people i


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No, I'm not interested in those kind of apps. Like Penelope, Twoo was the only dating site I was on.

P.S. spring.me still redirects to Twoo.


The only time I was ever on any kind of dating site was that time WhateverSpring sold us.


No. I'm not interested in dating sites

Nah, I'm not into the whole hookup deal with them swipies and matchings. First I gotta check myself before I shrek somebody else on the dating marketplace.


There is a dating app for lesbian girls called "Her" I did look into. I have no experience with Tinder. "Her" is ..well... too less european for my taste and purpose.


I did a have a tinder account for about half an hour around 5 years ago... honestly it made me feel pretty gross, I based my decisions purely on their pictures and how close to my bed they were. Didn't like that side of me.