I like raccoons and @nilsding. [she/her]

Linz, Austria
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Pandy asked 26 days ago · 15 Answers

What picture do you have set on your phones lockscreen?

korstybai asked 24 days ago · 18 Answers

How neat is your handwriting? Show a picture if you want

NicoleD.2021 asked about 1 month ago · 9 Answers

Have you had Covid yet?

Anonymous Coward asked about 2 months ago

Glad I left this site for good.

Anonymous Coward asked about 2 months ago

I know what you look like by the way. I found a secret picture of you.

Secret? There’s a picture of me on the GitHub profile I use to work on this site.

Arthur asked about 2 months ago · 8 Answers

If your boss saw your retrospring answers, would you get fired?

I literally talked about this site in my job interview.

Dee asked about 2 months ago · 8 Answers

You ever answer questions on retrospring.net?

faho asked 2 months ago · 4 Answers

What do you think: Yes or no?

faho asked 3 months ago · 5 Answers

What's your favorite vegetable?

Personally, altho you can't stop the brocc, it's spinach. Spinach like the Popeye.

Probably Cauliflower (Brocc II). Maybe carrots but they set off my OAS.

Daniel asked 3 months ago · 14 Answers

Do you ever sleep without a pillow? Me: Yes. I feel like my sleep quality is better without pillow

Pandy asked 3 months ago · 11 Answers

Agree or Disagree - Which side are you on: The world would be a better place if all men had a reversible vasectomy at childhood until they can prove that they are a suitable husband/partner and an upstanding member of society?

Assuming the proof part is actually good, maybe. Otherwise biiiiiiig no

Anonymous Coward asked 3 months ago

What were you, in the time of chimpanzees?

Daniel asked 4 months ago · 12 Answers

What's the biggest object that you have seen?

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

Hi. Come drinking with me.

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

im sending an ask like some zoomer