I like raccoons and @nilsding. [she/her]

Linz, Austria
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Ask something!

Anonymous Coward asked 4 days ago
Would you read a comic about a furry version of greek mythology? The main character is Raccules

I can’t be bothered with comics.

Dingus asked 15 days ago · 10 Answers
Say you fell in love with a Retrospringer, how would proceed from there? May I call a psychologist?

Too late I already moved in with one.

Dingus asked 10 days ago · 7 Answers
You're now in charge. What changes are you willing to make if any?

bish I'm already in charge of this place

Daniel asked 11 days ago · 16 Answers
Are boobs important to you?

I'm MTF trans. That should answer your question.

Master Pinger asked 16 days ago · 7 Answers
Gaming question: do you mind playing at 30fps? Or is 60fps an absolute need?

Depends how it runs. If I can be bothered I tend to turns settings up/down until the point where the change isn't noticeable. As long as I'm around 100 FPS most of the time I'm good (my monitor runs at 100 Hz with adaptive sync)

Daniel asked 17 days ago · 12 Answers
Do you suffer from migraines sometimes?

Sometimes, they used to be far worse than they are nowadays.

Anonymous Coward asked 30 days ago
Chris Martinez has returned https://retrospring.net/BillCosby
Alice 💋 asked about 1 month ago · 8 Answers
Who's your favorite comedian currently? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=isNRZJ6icwc

At the moment: Bo Burnham. Go watch Inside. (Same as @Andy)

Dingus asked about 1 month ago · 11 Answers
What all can you do with a banana and two pears? 👀 I'll take notes...
Alice 💋 asked about 1 month ago · 12 Answers
What do you associate with the following places: New Orleans, San Diego, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Cornwall, Leeds, Liverpool
  • bad pronunciations of Orlenas
  • SDCC
  • Outrun aesthetics
  • Windows 95
  • uhhhhh
  • Microsoft
  • boomers
  • that one Gender Identity Clinic
  • my WoW guildies
Pandy asked about 1 month ago · 20 Answers
Are you vaccinated against COVID 19?

No. Assuming things don't go horribly wrong I will be on Tuesday.

Anonymous Coward asked about 2 months ago
Chris will be back like always!


Wasserpistole asked about 2 months ago · 9 Answers
I need a new computer mouse, can you recommend me one? / Ich brauche eine neue Computermaus, kannst du mir eine empfehlen?

Logitech MX Master series is very nice if you don't mind paying a bit extra

Anonymous Coward asked about 2 months ago
You failed to put Chris away for good, he has came back under a different identity.


Sean ⚡🤖 asked 2 months ago · 15 Answers
The newsman says an increasing number of people have been putting 'mother' on their resume/CV as part of their job history (in response to workplace bias against mothers and to explain long periods of unemployment) is this something you can get behind?

That makes a lot of sense.