I like raccoons and @nilsding.

Linz, Austria
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Ask something!

Daniel asked 3 days ago · 14 Answers
What are you insecure about?


ZouBisouBisou asked 3 days ago · 8 Answers
Check out this pork shoulder https://i.imgur.com/CraQK7x.jpg


Daniel asked 3 days ago · 19 Answers
Do you think you have enough will power to not eat anything for 5 days to get 20000€?

I don't have the amount of body fat required to survive for 5 days.

Daniel asked 3 days ago · 10 Answers
Hast du Obst im Haus?

Ich hatte Himbeeren im meinem Kühlschrank. Danke für die Er­in­ne­rung.

ZouBisouBisou asked 6 days ago · 8 Answers
Apparently my favorite sneakers are now selling for $600 because of some crackhead named Travis Scott hyped them up. 😡

Let the weird cereal guy get excited about shoes

ZouBisouBisou asked 6 days ago · 18 Answers
Do you shower in the morning or do you shower in the evening?

In the morning as it tends to wake me up. Used to do it in the evening tho.

MERIDA asked 13 days ago · 13 Answers
What do you celebrate this month?

My birthday was yesterday.

Kate Matsuda asked 11 days ago · 15 Answers
I have a photo of my ex girlfriend in bright direct sunlight up. Comment: Her skin is old and full with bumps and wrinkles. It is not attractive. - Your thoughts?

She needs to get a skincare routine :)

Daniel asked 15 days ago · 13 Answers
What should be canceled?


Dingus asked 16 days ago · 5 Answers
突然のキスや 熱いまなざしで 恋のプログラムを 狂わせないでね 出逢いと別れ 上手に打ち込んで 時間がくれば終わる don't hurry! 愛に傷ついた あの日からずっと 昼と夜が逆の 暮らしを続けて はやりの discoで 踊り明かすうちに おぼえた魔術なのよ I'm sorry!

I bought the album after seeing that question

MERIDA asked 19 days ago · 17 Answers
Any plan for Valentine's Day?

Stay home and make weird noises at @nilsding

ZouBisouBisou asked 20 days ago · 11 Answers
Excluding dating apps, have you ever met someone in person you were first met on the internet? How did it go?
ZouBisouBisou asked 22 days ago · 11 Answers
Who would you like to see on your country's currency? This is the proposed Harriet Tubman $20 bill https://i.imgur.com/zhDbc6d.jpg

Why do new US banknotes still look ancient?

Daniel asked 23 days ago · 14 Answers
*tips fedora*

You have lost spice raccoon privilege. Please change your avatar.

Daniel asked about 1 month ago · 15 Answers
Are you someone that the church would have killed 400 years ago?