Jovan Angelo.

Stay longer in me, take root. Vera Pavlova, A Weight on My Back (tr. Steven Seymour)

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Mavez J. Cartez · 23 answers · 5d

Curious question! What is your comfort music when you feel low, do you always listen to that song?

Mavez J. Cartez · 8d

Hello there, i just passed by some random menfess comment and found your retrospring. Can you follow me back if you don't mind

Vàzquez · 8d

Hey there, I'm the sender who asked for exchange follows. Can you perhaps follow me back if you don't mind? Thank you and have a good night.

bocil absen. · 14d

i already hit u up on dm, go check ur req dm

bocil absen. · 15d

aku kira kamu the sub one, aku jadi maju mundur mau deketin karena takut kamu perhatiin posisi. maaf kalo topik ini agak sensitif buat kamu. (i’m a woman)

I'd like to be really honest if you hit me up on dms bcs giggling over anonymous messages is INSANE for me. aku tunggu yah.

bocil absen. · 28d

if you could teleport to your favorite anime, film, Kdrama or series, what would you choose? 🎬

bocil absen. · 1mo

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? ✨

Sea. · 20 answers · 1mo

Heeey! How’s your day going so far? Rate for today? :]

bocil absen. · 1mo

what’s your hogwarts house?

Arwen. M · 82 answers · 5mo

what energy do you think i radiate? cat🐱, bunny🐰, or dog🐶?

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