Kate Matsuda asked about 2 months ago

On what terms are you with your neighbours?

Kate Matsuda

On what terms are you with your neighbours?

One is trying to recruit me to her church and says my name wrong and the others I don't interact with.

We're on the evert your eyes and pretend we don't see eachother lol

I believe I'm on good terms with all my neighbors

I barely see my roommates let alone the neighbors :))

The terms of being annoyed by their children.

Pretty good. We don't talk much but they are always friendly.

One girl has my key and comes over and cooks breakfast without asking me, the nerve! ...then there is the one couple who likes to fuck with the window open, it's clearly some game to them but they are cool...everybody else I just kinda know by sight enough to ask how they are doing and comment about the weather

I don’t know any of them. My husband is well acquainted with all of them though. He’s better at interacting with strangers.

Not very good. I don't talk to them much

We’re ok. The only one who we’re on questionable terms with is our neighbor to the left. He just never says hello or speaks to us. I think his TRUMP flag pretty much says it all.

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