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Is a bra-less women a slut and why? or why not? Our receptioniste disapproved off a visitor due to that.

no, once you start down the path that someone's style of dress is predictive of their character, you inevitably end up at the destination that it's OK to treat people better/worse based on that style of dress, and that is not where people should be

Does it matter? People give the word 'slut' way too much power. Wear a bra or not - I really don't care. But there will be scenarios and contexts where a certain manner of dress may be expected and if that expectation isn't met - comments and side eyes will likely be received. That's society for you - the culmination of expectation.

I don't really believe in the word "slut", I don't think there's anything wrong with a woman sleeping around, dressing sexually, etc. They're not hurting anybody, and if anything it's actually a blessing for men.

If men have a problem seeing a woman's nipples stick out through her shirt, they're ultra-conservative, sexually repressed sticks in the mud.

No, but to me, if you have large breasts like I do, it has a tendency to look sloppy. To each their own, though. No need for my permission or approval.

It's not a slut. It's more unprofessional maybe, depending on the outfit and the place you're wearing it. A nice bra-less dress for a night on the town,.classy. bra less in a wet T-shirt at church may be unprofessional.. But lord Jesus fun to see😍😍😆😁

I don't believe in "sluts" except for as a joke. Because taking that concept seriously would require me to think there's something inherently negative about people (especially, and usually specifically people who are women and/or people who sleep with men) having bodies, having sex, or people having sexualities at all.

Anyway, I don't think what people wear under their clothes is anyone's nevermind. And I do 🤔 about people who sexualize someone else's body, and then accuse them of being the horny one.

I would never wear a bra again if I could get away with it. Call me whatever you like. I'd call myself "comfy".

I don't think they're a "slut"; in fact, I don't think there's any such thing. That's just misogyny. But I know that some people object to seeing a woman's nipples. Maybe there's some in-between alternative? I realize that some people with sensory issues might not like wearing bras or other undergarments because they're uncomfortable.

Because women who don't wear bras clearly want to show their nipples to men and that makes men """uncomfortable""" but it's always the women's fault, they actually want to do that, it's the only possibility, and believe me, this logic is definitely not shockingly similar to oppressive behavior that stems from fascist/totalitarian ideologies coughs hard

And please don't use the argument that bra-less men aren't considered sluts, or else my unquestionably not fascist reasoning will be completely invalidated and I'll cry.

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