LaDamaX asked about 1 year ago · 9 answers

Pear necklaces on men. Yay or nay?

Sure. I don't think someone's gender is why they can or can't look good in something.

I had to Google pear necklaces just now, so thanks for the ads that I will now be getting 😝anyways they are not for me, I am extremely minimalist with jewelry anyway - but whatever, I'm not here to judge other dudes, go for it

Sorry, but what are pear necklaces? On the other hand men can wear and rock jewellery like girls. Though not necessarily the same sort of jewellery. But might depend on how you want to express yourself and your style and taste. Taste matters.

I love pearls! (I’m hoping that’s what you meant?) They’re so beautiful to look at, and lovely to touch. I wear them a lot. As long as he’s not swiping the good ones before I get to the jewellery box, I don’t care. On the right man they could be amazing.

I've seen them look great on men who r confident/comfortable about accessorizing

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